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One heck of a good realestate man!

One heck of a good realestate man!

Nick is one heck of a good real estate man. Yin and I can't believe we found such a great guy to help us do this remotely!

Go Nick! Happy to write some references on Google or wherever can benefit your business.


- Thomas and Yin Culver
Marsden QLD 4132

SOLD is such a wonderful experience!

SOLD is such a wonderful experience!

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Rob MacFarlane for going above and beyond during the sale of our Marsden home.

You both have achieved our price. You both listened to our needs.

Plus, you did this for us in a matter of DAYS, Scott and I can’t thank you enough - how stress free was selling our home - SOLD is such a wonderful experience when dealing with All Suburbs Real Estate.

Thank you both so much
- Scott and Debbie Carter

- Debbie and Scott Carter
Marsden QLD 4132

Thank you so much All Suburbs Real Estate

Thank you so much All Suburbs Real Estate, this is awesome! I think it’s fate that we bumped into them at another house, they have been willing to meet me all the time, every time I’ve rung them, they've been willing to have a conversation with me and tell me not to stress. I think they're great, a profit to All Suburbs. I think they're great and wish them the best in their business.

- Carol Banks

Rob sold it very quickly and also got the price I wanted.

I had seen other units at the complex listed with them that had sold. I met Rob MacFarlane and my unit sold within 2 weeks, he kept me up to date all through the sale to let me know what was happening at the time. When I listed my unit it was not a good time to sell, as the market had slowed down.

Rob sold it very quickly and also got the price I wanted.

So if you want to sell, give him a go, as I know he will sell it! I did not know Rob before I put my unit on the market but would not hesitate to engage him again if I wanted to sell.

Kind Regards

Marg Hinton.

- Marg Hinton

It was our pleasure doing business with you

Dear Rob MacFarlane,

It is with sincere appreciation that we thank you for your recent services in selling our home. It was our pleasure doing business with you and thank you again for all your efforts & success in achieving our requests.

Yours Faithfully

Robert and Karla

- Robert and Karla

Rob is a great communicator

I am writing to acknowledge Rob MacFarlane.

Rob has sold 2 properties for me in the last few months.

I found rob to be the best real estate agent I have come across in all my real estate transactions ( and I have had a few).

There are a few things that make Rob a better agent then most.

1. He was the only agent I found that actually knew his market. He could accurately price a property and then explain why he could achieve the price.
2. He always demonstrated a commitment to achieving his price in a given time frame.
3. One of the properties he sold for me had a history of termites. Instead of losing buyers because of this he simply educated the buyers to not be afraid of termite damage. And so he made the sale as the buyer was not put off by termites.

He did what it took to be successful.

I don’t think many other agents would have gone to this length. Had he not done this we may have faced some difficulties in selling this property at the price it was marketed at.

And on top of all that, Rob sold this property for $215,000 while other agents had estimated $180,000 to $205,000 (and they didn't even know about the termites).

Finally, Rob is a great communicator, enthusiastic and always positive and friendly in his manner.

Dinah Moore - Frenchs Forrest

- Dinah Moore

Excellent guidance of Rob MacFarlane

As a property investor living in Sydney it is crucial that we have a trustworthy property manager to look after our property in Logan Reserve, we have only a few months ago changed from another agency that we were dissatisfied with to All Suburbs Real Estate headed by Rob and his team. I recently went to inspect our property with his property manager and I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and enthusiasm for real estate, they put a lot of previous property managers that I have had to deal with over the past 19 years to shame . I feel confident that All Suburbs Real Estate will have a bright and successful future in real estate.

- Domenico Mazzei

Very stressful process, an easy, pleasurable one

Dear Rob & Team,

Recently, my partner and I had the pleasure of purchasing a property from your agency.

Having purchased another property previously, I was prepared for a battle of the wits between myself and the real estate agent, sleepless nights and unnecessary stress. What an absolutely wonderful surprise it was to learn that I need not have prepared myself for such a battle, but that it would be such an easy and pleasurable experience! The negotiation phase (usually an awkward and uncomfortable experience), was simple and efficient. There were some building and pest issues with the property, all of which were efficiently resolved by you and to the satisfaction of both parties.

Even the pest inspector advised me what a helpful delight the staff from your office had been when assisting him with the entry to the property.

Thanks so much for your assistance and you'll be the first agency we call should we ever want to sell the property, or purchase another.

Thanks again for making what is usually a very stressful process, an easy, pleasurable one.

Stress-free buyers

Renee Brimelow & Daniel Jagic

- Renee Brimelow & Daniel Jagic

This process was a dream

I received a letter from All Suburbs Real Estate in relation to selling my rental property in Marsden. I responded and gave them a shot. They had potential buyers (real ones), and gave me a realistic view of the market and comparables (actual sales figures). In essence, I received the price I asked for within a short space of time. No hassles, no spin. They communicated with me regularly and managed the sale really well. This process was a dream. Believe me, I have had some bad experiences in both selling and buying. But to have such a good experience, when I am 700km away in another state. That is something to be recommended.

- Stephen Booker

They were honest!

This letter serves as a testimonial for All Suburbs Real Estate, I guess for anyone ambivalent in using their services, the obvious question would be as a testimonial would I use them again, ABSOLUTELY. I have had many dealings with different real estate sales people over the years some just don't have a clue how to sell, while others lacking in integrity. My experiences with All Suburbs Real Estate was different they were honest not only to me but to the potential purchaser, had integrity, they didn't over promise and under deliver, but did exactly what they said they would do. Even after hour calls didn't seem a problem to them, if you didn't get an immediate response you could be assured they would get back to you at their earliest chance, even when they went on a holiday they kept the communication open. In the Crestmead area I tried a couple of others. On first introduction with All Suburbs Real Estate, I was a little obstinate after dealing with other real estate people, I spelt out exactly what I wanted, and what I expected of the,, they rose to my expectations.

In short if you are looking for a real estate agent, to deal with your property sale, feel confident that Maryanne is up for the task, what she says will happen and at all times will communicate with you and advise other options to solve any problems that may arise. Be assured you are dealing with a professional who is passionate, honest and has integrity and here is a novel addition she works for the vendor to earn her income. Personal experience with real estates that will work for the purchaser to get the sale done. The difference with Maryanne is prepared to work for her money and for this comes with my highest recommendation.

Interestingly because I am slack I am doing this one year after the sale, so what I have written after all of this time has impressed me to remember what the experience with Maryanne was like.


Ian English

- Ian English

I was very impressed with All Suburbs Real Estate's professionalism

In October last year I realised I needed to sell my investment property in Brisbane, or rent it at a higher rental than I was receiving through a Government housing initiative. This goal was not going to be easy, as I live interstate and there were complications in regard to the current property management arrangements. Fortunately for me, All Suburbs had sent me their business card earlier in the year and I had kept it...just in case!

By November, I contacted All Suburbs and found them to be absolutely amazing! I had been used to my concerns not being addressed through my then current property managers. It was therefore refreshing to find an agency who listened to me and endeavored, within their sphere of influence, to tailor their efforts and skills to match my requirements. All Suburbs Real Estate was very patient in wading through the mountain of documentation relating to the Government program. Somehow they identified, and explored further, a workable strategy to release my property from the program. During this process, I was very impressed with All Suburbs Real Estate's professionalism, their clear and effective communication with me, as well as their wisdom in seeing the ‘wood from the trees’, enabling the property to be finally free of the unbelievable amounts of restrictions and red tape embedded in the Government housing initiative. All Suburbs Real Estate ensured I was fully informed, and consulted me regularly, as we worked through our plan of action.

At the outset, All Suburbs Real Estate asked me to trust them, and they proved worthy of that trust. Although we were not able to sell the property, despite All Suburbs Real Estate diligent efforts, it has been rented on the open market through All Suburbs Real Estate. This positive experience and outcome has ensured that when the time comes for the property to be placed on the market next time, I will have no hesitation in asking All Suburbs Real Estate to spearhead the sale.

- Helen Hopper

I was lucky to come across All Suburbs Real Estate

After looking for a house to purchase for 5 months and dealing with many real estate agents, I was lucky to come across All Suburbs Real Estate.

If you are ever in need for a sales professional to sell or buy a house from, look no further than All Suburbs Real Estate

Thank you All Suburbs, as buying my 3rdhouse from you was so easy and painless.

- Trevor Kelly

I will definitely be recommending them

Thanks again for selling my house so quickly. Their friendly, drama free, enthusiastic, professional service from start to finish was much appreciated. I will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know who wants to sell a house in the Brisbane area.

- Ian Hughes

Their service was amazing

Thank you so much for making the sale of my property so effortless, it sold within 8 days, $16,780 above marketing price! their service was amazing, what I thought would be a stressful time was just the opposite. I would strongly recommend their services to other sellers...

- Maureen Bergamin

They sold a house we never thought we’d sell.

All Suburbs Real Estate are very efficient and enthusiastic. They know their job and do it well. They made a very difficult situation easy for us because they sold a house we never thought we’d sell.

- Norm and Lorraine Barry

it was such a great experience

We want to thank All Suburbs Real Estate for helping us sell the house, it was such a great experience working with them, we never thought the house would be sold in a very short period of time. We had our doubts but with the help of All Suburbs Real Estate, everything was possible and so easy for us. So if you’re thinking about buying or selling, they are a great company!

- Georgetti Sepnio

We are so grateful for their amazing service

I would like to write this letter to thank-you for the wonderful service All Suburbs Real Estate provided when we recently purchased our dream home. After meeting them once for an impromptu inspection, we told them briefly what we were looking for in our family home. We needed a large block of land ( quarter of an acre minimum ) , a 5 bedroom home as we have 3 children & I work from home so require an office. A pool was our preference, however, room for a pool was critical. I wanted an ensuite & my husband wanted a flat block. Our budget - $350000.

I had spoken with many agents who tried to look at me seriously while I advised them of all our requirements and the budget that we had. We had all but given up after 6 months of home hunting - my husband & I could not agree on anything. It was getting very disheartening. It did seem that our eyes were bigger than our budget !

Then came the phone call from All Suburbs Real Estate two weeks later. They had remembered us!! We arranged an inspection - fell in love with the home immediately - not only did it tick all the boxes - it had extra boxes ticked, like a spa in the master room, 9 ft ceilings and it is just so perfect for us - it's a miracle! Not only did they match our needs up to the perfect home, they then assisted so professionally during the negotiations to make sure we did not miss out on it, nor overpay in the current market. The icing on the cake was the house call a week after we moved in with a housewarming gift basket. We are so grateful for their amazing service and would recommend them to our family & friends who are looking to purchase their dream home too!

I do hope this helps them get more homes onto their register & achieve their goals over the coming years.

- Jenifer Wegner